How Overwrite English Language?

I need to overwrite all English Language.

Where can I download the package and how can I do to overwrite everything?

Thanks in advance.


we attached the archive with the exported CSV file for default language variables

in admin panel, please go to “Administration” → Import data → Language variables and import it.

p.s. we advise to make database backup before this change.

best regads,

WSA team

If several changes are required, you can also make necessary translations on the Administration → Languages → Translations page in the admin panel

If you want to change the translation completely, you can find all language variables in the var/langs/en directory. After the necessary files are changed, please go to the Administration → Languages → Manage languages page and use Update translations option for the English language

Thank you guys, I’ve imported the .csv file and all was apparently good:

But there are still wrong sentences.

I’ve also updated the translation of English, but doesn’t update the anything. I mean, update and show the confirmation, but there are still phrases with wrong translations.

Any idea? appreciate your help/

please try to clean up the template cache - sometimes language variables are heavily cached by CS-Cart template cache and changes of their values are not reflected instantly.

best regards,

WSA team

Hey Damir, that’s worked, thanks for your help.

Appreciate it! 8)