How many stores are affected by 2.0.9 upgrade failures?

Recreating the thread the CuteRiteFX originally created.

Luckily I didn’t upgrade my live site and tested this on my localhost. But, it is pretty obvious that this upgrade was a mistake. If I would have upgraded my live site I surely would have lost sales as a result.


Well, I did have some issues only because - I have made some changes to the original skin and I had it in a different folder. After reverting back to BASIC and clearing cache, everything was fine. No probs whatsoever.

Just a reminder which I discovered.

If you have any promotions that are based on “membership” aka the new usergroup levels.

Eg. 20% off for members with membership of “VIP” or something like that,

you will need to go into your promotions, and manually update the promotions conditions to reflect the memberships, aka “new” usergroups.

Else all your pricing based on membership levels will be essentially screwed. :roll:

I am gonna upgrade in 2010 sometime… :slight_smile:

[quote name=‘Darius’]I am gonna upgrade in 2010 sometime… :)[/QUOTE]

wise choice, if you have no need for the fixes included in the v2.0.9 upgrade.

Though the upgrade is still a necessary EVIL. Sooner or Later…sigh.

Special thanks to JesseLeeStringer after our upgrade disaster we are back up and running 2.08, 2.09 can wait for now.

Thanks again Jesse

[quote name=‘JesseLeeStringer’]Recreating the thread the CuteRiteFX originally created.[/QUOTE]

I did the upgrade and my store was crashed. I was able to revert and it’s back up. Noticed today that the “upgrade” prompt doesn’t show up anymore… guess you guys pulled the upgrade for now?

It has been pulled, yes.

I was looking forward to upgrade my 1.3.5 to 2.09 , but after upgrading 2.08 to 2.09 on my test install I got the same as everyone else, a total mess so my upgrade plans will have to wait for now.

my upgrade killed my google listings.they look horrible…instead of site descriptions…its has error messages