How many products on one page is too many?

I have used the smart optimizer compression and moved to a cloud server but my site is still extremely slow to load in categories that have several items. I have noticed that it isn’t that slow with categories that have few items. But on categories that have hundreds of products it can take 3-5 seconds before the site appears to do anything. Then a “page loading” bar appears at the top of the page for a few more seconds. Then it will go to the page with the products. So sometimes this loading can take 10-15 seconds in large categories (using a RoadRunner connection). We all know that this is “forever” in web time.

I did have the cart set to show 50 items per page but I don’t think the images are the problem. Most of them are black and white and 100x100px. And they seem to load instantly after “page loading” bar disappears. Reducing the page size to 25 items seems to help quite a bit so I have made the change to show fewer products.

Are 50 products on one page too much for CS to handle? Is that too much for the customer to handle? The only reason I had 50 per page listed is that my cart consists of over 4500 products and some of my sub-sub-categories still have over 50 products in them. I’m open to opinions on what people think the most amount of products should be listed on a page.

BTW. Here is my site so you can play around: [url]url]

Of course it makes a difference…bigger file size equals longer load. Compare it to downloading a 50MB file versus a 1MB file. I have mine set at 10 per page.

Each category took 3-4 seconds for me but then loads instantly


Yeah, it’s not too bad with 25 products per page. The 50 per page was crazy slow. Funny thing is with my old cart I had 100 per page and it loaded faster than 10 per page with CS. I guess that’s the price you pay for having such a capable cart (though I have disabled most of the extras).