How many concurrent users should CS Cart MV be able to deal with?

We had huge problems on black friday with amount of traffic and SQL requests to our site. How many typical users do you think CS Cart MV should be able to deal with without there being site reliability issues?


I really wish there was a quick and detailed answer to that question. But the best I can offer on the fly is “It depends”. Even the architects would need access to the server, if only to see the performance bottlenecks in the specific store, and how they can be averted.

Because there’re many factors that affect performance, we only give one example in our documentation. Anything beyond that requires extra analysis.

A suggestion “in the blind” could be full-page caching. Here’s a simple explanation:

Caching saves your pages the first time someone views them. That way, someone else viewing that page later will see the cached version. That could reduce SQL workload.

CS-Cart Add-on Market has a few solutions, you can search for “full-page cache” and see if any solution suits you.

P.S. Do take my comment with a grain of salt, it can’t replace an in-depth performance audit.

Thanks. We are using full page cache at the moment and looking at other improvements - including using Premium Support service. A lot of the problems seemed to come down to the sheer number of SQL requests that customers were sending concurrently, we are looking to optimize this now.


You are still facing issues with cache?

We are developing cache addon to decrease SQL queries and looking for store with huge amount of products and traffic.

If you will be interested please send PM me.

Sent you a PM. Full page cache seems to be working OK in terms of speed for users, but looking to cache other areas so that homepage and app queries aren’t hitting the DB at all.

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Looks like we are getting a ton of WRITE requests into the cache too - if that’s of any help.

Thank you. We have replied you in PM.