How many active CS-Cart sites are there out there?

Does anyone know how many active sites are currently using CS-Cart? This software beats Magento and all of the other ones out there, so I am curious about this statistic.

Website states “over 25,000 online shops are powered by CS Cart software”. RIP Magneto!

Also it has a truly world-wide customer base.

I just wish sometimes that these forums were more active than they are.

How many Magento sites are out there?

I think the forum is becoming more active. Though some of the activity isn’t always helpful lol. The majority of my questions remain unanswered or with no actual solution of course when I figure it out myself I try to post the results so others can benefit. Hopefully as CS-Cart increases the user base other users will contribute and we’ll have a plethora of helpful community users and professional users. :)

All in good faith.

Magento has a large developer database due to the requirements of understanding PHP/SQL/Ajax, accordingly more modules are developed there is less competition between coders.

Thinking that the forum is less helpful will probably be attributed to more 'n00b' users coming aboard before the “professionals”. As CS-Cart enabled the mom'n'pop small business to exist, accordingly there is a smaller market to advertise services towards. ($10,000 Magento license vs $300 CS-Cart license = less money expected to be spent on a $300 shopping cart, regardless of comparative offering.)