How i can set on order email variable mr and mrs?

Hello the title say what i want :slight_smile:

I want like to know, how can i set in the order_notification.tpl

in skins\YOUR-SKIN\customer\views\profiles\components

i have add

{$lang.dear} {if $} || {$order_info.mrs}{/if}{$order_info.lastname},

Example in Email:

Dear Tester

i need:

Dear Mr. Tester (in the customer choosen language)

but i dont know what are the variables for the title of the user in the choosen langauge.

thanks for help!

are you using the titles already?

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Thanks - Sno

Yes, sure i use the titles in the Shop, but in the notification emails i cant see mr or mrs, thefore i would like to add in the .tpl files the right syntax that users see in the notification emails:

Dear Mr. Test


Dear Mrs. Test

and this in each choosen language from the users.

Thanks for fast help!

Nobody use this? I cant understand, because normally you can not write in your customer emails “Hello Bill” or something…


I use a third party for emails and have never used Mr., Mrs, Ms, Dr. in the email.

Usually have Dear (company name) customer, use the first and last name or some other introductory name, but never used salutations.


I understand that some English speakers can not see the importance of this issue, but in more formal languages, like French, or in Portuguese, for example, were “dear” can be masculine or feminine (prezado/prezada) this issue is more than just a whim. I would realy like to learn how to personalize that.

Thank you.

This is default functionality of the cart, you need to set your titles here:

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then enable the titles in the user profiles section here:

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Please check to see if this works for you, Thanks - Sno

Yes Sno, there isnt a problem to set in in the form. The Problem ist that i would like that all my Customers, the greeting in e-mail notification and all other not on only with

Hello Sno, …

It should Hello Mr. Sno,

the title should be show in the email greeting.

best regards

Thank you for the answer Sno, but I’d already known that the title could be stored. My question is: is there a way to call it in the “order_notification.tpl” file? I mean something like “$order_info.title”?

I could use this variable to verify the gender of the user and select the apropriated salutation. ex:


Cher - the french salutation for males

Chère - the french salutation for females


Thank you very much.