How i can modify Product template in Category grid for 4.0.2

I want to change the way Product is shown in grid template in Category.

So i want to be something like this

Product picture

Product name

Short description

Discount in %

Initial price Discounted price

Quantity box Add to cart (picture) Add to wishlist (picture or text) Checkbox for Compare

Compare option can be put also under the line where is above.

I want to put this new template in My Changes in case of future changes are made.

Quick view gives me a lot of trouble with duplicate content in Google and i don’t want to use it anymore.

Even I am having the same issue. CS CART 4.1.3.

Need the Product Grid to have a box with Quick view and Add to cart button within itself. Dont need the hover effect.

Need something link this,

Please check our answer here: