How i can get location in index.tpl?


i would like to put some variable or condition in index.tpl in template file, but i don’t how i can call the location (selected_section) egal to “index” or “products” ?

no answer ?

Hello creativeuser!

Please let us know your CS-Cart version.

Hi orangegirl, i use the cs-cart 2.1.3 mixed with some parts of code from 2.1.4.

i noticed maybe the problem is the same with exception.tpl for error 404, you can’t display menu link.

It would be great in a futur to get the list of the existing function, and how we can use it.


If I understood you correctly, you can use the following condition in the “index.tpl” file:

{if $content_tpl == ‘the_necessary_template’}

all i good now thanks for your help :slight_smile: