How I Can Displaying The Shipping Cost Below The Price

If any one can help with a code to Display the shipping cost below the price

Thank you .

I edited /skins/YOUR_TEMPLATE/customer/blocks/product_templates/default_template.tpl

and added this code. I set the freight shipping value manually for each product.


{if ($product.shipping_freight > 0)}

Shipping: ${$product.shipping_freight}


thank you

work perfect >

I think it's not working with cs-cart 3

what we can use ?

In v3 you can just add a shipping calculator block to any page. I did this on my product pages.

You can place the Block in any existing Grid or create a new Grid where you want it…

No its not working

i want to add the shipping price under the product price…

is there any one know how to do it ?

Any help with that my friends

any one

i have same problem here?