How Get Dynamic Page Links In New Block?


In my new HTML with smarty blocks, I want to add different page links like login page link, register page link and blog page link etc.

I got these links, but I need these links in a dynamic way. I can hard code these links like

But if I hard code these links in my blocks, when I move my installation to original domain, I want to again edit these blocks.

Can any one please help me?

Thanks in advance.

You can just use the dispatch value instead of the complete path.


Thanks @The Tool..

I got the idea.... Below I have added few CS cart URL for newbies like me.

Home Page Link
Login Page
Log Out & go to home page
Log Out & stay in the current page
Register Page
Cart Page
Order Search Page
Profile Update Page
Single Page View

If any one know further, please share it for us because it is too hard to find such details.


We recommend you also use language variables instead of text for the links. E.g.


Thank you @eComLabs

How do you guys create a link from a page to another page using the list?

I tried this:

  • Test Page
  • or this

  • Test Page
  • but after I have saved, it looks like this:

  • Test Page
  • which doesn't work of course.

    any can help?

  • Test Page
  • You cannot use SMARTY code in CMS page descriptions

    You cannot use SMARTY code in CMS page descriptions

    Thanks eComLabs, I guess it will just be the full URL then?

    Yes, you can only post full or relative URLs manually