How fast is Cs-Cart?

Yes, I know that, and yet that shop runs fine - ironically. The issue is that the CS-Cart does not run okay.

The images I’m using for the CS-Cart are 350 pixels across and are low-res jpegs. I use the inbuilt software that turns them into thumbnails.

We’re a design studio - as it is, I get at least one complaint a fortnight from customers that our images are too small so I’d be reluctant to take them down any smaller. Similarly there is a quality level that we don’t want to go below. Sure, I haven’t fully optimised everything in the CS-Cart - but if you look at the report, the issue is only in small part the images. As far as I can see. Or do you disagree? And, as I’ve said the Miva shop is running quite happily on a shared server and with - currently - around three times the number of images (same size). So…

Anyway, if there is some way of optimising the thumbnails better, I’d appreciate knowing about that. It might at least be a small step forward.

I’ll also talk again to Dreamhost.

In your admin panel


there is a setting for JPEG format quality (0-100)

what do you have there?

I think default is 80.


this is my first post.and happy to have cs-cart

I’ve got some problems with Thubnails too.I dont know wether it’s a problem with cs-cart or I have not set the settings well.

when I open a category the thumbnails take a lot of time to load.actually they only have less Height and less width but not less File Size.

how should I resolve this problem?

Edit (to add more detail) :

actually I want the product images displayed in a category have less file size and image size than the ones in Product Details Main Image.