How Edit Scroller Product View


How Edit products scroller view,

for example Add new filed something like Brand logo?

I tried play on

 design / themes / theme_name / templates / common / scroller_init.tpl

But nothing happen !

I resolved it with edit :

/ design / themes / my_theme / templates / blocks / products / abt__yt_products_scroller_advanced_with_banners.tpl

Added :

ader_features = $product|fn_get_product_features_list:'H'}
{include file="views/products/components/product_features_short_list.tpl" features=$product.header_features} {if $var.selected}{if $var.image_pair}
  • {include file="common_templates/image.tpl" images=$var.image_pair object_type="feature_variant"}
  • {/if}{/if}
    {if $addons.abt__unitheme.brand_feature_id}
    {$bf = $product.header_features[$addons.abt__unitheme.brand_feature_id]}
    {if empty($bf)}
    {$bf = fn_array_value_to_key($product.header_features, 'feature_id')}
    {$bf = $bf[$addons.abt__unitheme.brand_feature_id]}
    {include file="views/products/components/product_features_short_list.tpl" features=array($bf) feature_image=true feature_link=true}
    And that showing brand logo on Scroller products