How does user accounts work?

I have a problem with some user accounts. For some odd reason, I have users (customers) that can log into a store, but when we try to “reset password” we get the message:


The username you have entered does not match any account in our store. Please make sure you have entered the correct username and try again.[/quote]

So the question is, what criterias does define the user account? I have looked in the cscart_user table, and It looks similar to other users that work ok (can reset password).

I also see that some of the users/customers has under “user_login” either their e-mail address or a more generic “user_1325” value.

So basically how does the loginscript and password reset script work/differ?

On second thought it might be an issue as there are users that have accounts in multiple stores (in ultimate) and i might be these that has a problem. So the user e-mail address is not uniqe, and that might be the issue.

Ok. I have confirmed the issue. If a user has multiple accounts in different stores in Ultimate, It can only reset password in one store (probably the first store or that is assigned to the useraccount with the lowest userID). This is obviosly a bug, so if it has not been reported in the bug-tracker I will do it.