How does Prestashop use google as defined payment

I’ve seen the google regulations where you are supposed to list the checkout as an option prior to payments - but Prestashop has it listed as one of the ways to pay directly (e.g. Moneybookers, 2Checkout, Paypal) - how do they get around the way to do it and CS-Cart only has the button and no checkout option for people that don’t see it at the bottom? (see attached screenshot)…

Seems to be a lot more simple to just step through each step instead of back-tracking trying to find the google checkout button.

Maybe wrong forum but it’s really the only thing keeping me from buying right now - if Google Checkout was an option, it would save me a ton of emails from customers that don’t see it on my test store.

I posted this on another forum but it was an older thread - just wondering if this was ever going to be an option or not…


I went to a sample Prestashop and Google checkout is in the cart page. The Prestashop Store had Amazon and Paypal express in the cart page also. I believe all three have the same requirements as to where their payment buttons are located. CS-CART is identical. You just have to have cs-cart configured to direct customer to cart page first. Administration/Settings/Checkbox "When the customer clicks on any Checkout button/link in the store, redirect to the Cart content page first "

I also list all payment methods accepted on the bottom of the pages so they know before checking out.


The above attached was from my prestashop 1.3.6 - google checkout has always been an option in payment methods during step by step processing - even though the cart is also listed as guest or quick checkout as well.

What,you can’t believe that a vendor is not following another vendor’s policy? Their policy is clear, but there’s no enforcement unless someone points the Google Police to a site.