How Does CS-C Handle Database Errors?

If there is ever a database/table error with CS-Cart, what does it do? Does it automatically repair it or does it do nothing? Is it even monitoring the database?

I remember with X-C, as soon as there was a DB error the site admin would be immediately emailed so they could repair the database as soon as possible.

Hello mayanetwork,

Thank you for the message.

If you use the “Live Mode” feature in your store and experience some problems with the database, customers will see the “Error occurred” message in your store until the problem is fixed. If you use the “Development mode” feature, in this case customers will see a description of the error on the site.

Unfortunately, there is no ability to send a description of the occurred problem to the administrator's mail in standard CS-Cart.

Some code modifications are required to be made to implement this feature. We would be happy to assist you in this matter within our technical support service. Please contact us via Customer Help Desk if you have support credits or an active support period.

Anastasiya Kozlova

CS-Cart Support Team