How does a user change or delete items in the cart?

Hi Everyone,

I’m using 2.1.1 and when I add things to the checkout theres no way to adjust the quantities or remove them entirely.

Is this something wrong with the checkout? In the 2.0.18 version there used to be a little cross that showed up so you can delete product, but I don’t have that!

Any suggestions or advice?

Try one page checkout. You can enable it from Administrator/Addons.

You can change and delete if the customer goes to the cart first. This is what I do.


They removed the functionaliity of having the mini-cart on the checkout page in 2.1 so the customer could adjust quantity or options of the products without leaving the page. Now, they have to go to the “Cart”, leaving the checkout page. Just another good way to loose sales. Was a bad idea and was never discussed in the roadmap threads about the checkout process.

The last step in checkout is to review the order. If the review found something wrong, IE number of an item or personalization spelled wrong, there was no way to fix it.

I had links made next to each product at the last step in the checkout to delete /modify a product. It does take them back to the cart page to do this, but when they go to checkout, they go to the last step and not all the other steps.

Not perfect, but better than nothing.

I guess if changes to options, and quantity were made at the last step, it would necessitate recalculation of shipping, product discounts, cart discounts, taxes, etc, at the last step.


But why did they remove something that actually worked correctly and kept the user on the checkout page?

Needless change that increases cart abandonment.

Another reason Cs needs a U.S. based office to translate the meanings of our input and not blindly ASSume they know what we are saying…but what do we know?

I wonder if anyone from Cs development has ever bought something on-line before? Just do what every freakin successful entrepreneur has done in the past. Copy a great idea and make even better. Keep it simple and user friendly. uhhhhhhhhggg Charlie Brown!