How do you turn off the ship to option?

We are finding more and more that customers have learned that if they request something to be drop shipped they can call their credit card company and claim they never ordered it because it did not ship to “their” address. So we are wondering if there is a way to turn off the “ship to” option in the admin so we can only ship to the actual billing address on the card.

You could do a controller in your my_changes that would activate on whatever step it is that the address info is collected and force a copy of b_firstname → s_firstname, etc. for the fields that start with “s_”.

So it sounds like it is going to be a manual change. I thought maybe I was going crazy when I was looking through the admin options in 2.1.4 and I could not figure out where to require shipment to the billing address only.

I don’t think it’s a standard option. But to be honest, there are so many now it gets hard to keep track… And they seem to be placed all over the place. Almost prefer one long page of options listed in different sections. At least I’d know where to look! :-)

Might try something like this (untested) in a addons/my_changes/controllers/customers/

<br />
<?php<br />
if( !defined('AREA') ) die('Access denied');<br />
<br />
$force_ship_to_bill = true;<br />
<br />
$cart = array();<br />
if( !empty($_SESSION['cart']) ) <br />
	$cart =& $_SESSION['cart'];<br />
	<br />
if( $force_ship_to_bill && $cart && $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] == 'POST' ) {<br />
	switch($mode) {<br />
		case 'update_steps':<br />
		case 'customer_info':<br />
			if( !empty($cart['user_data']['s_address']) ) {<br />
				foreach($cart['user_data'] as $k => $v) {<br />
					if( strpos($k, 's_') === 0 <br />
						&& isset($cart['user_data'][$b = preg_replace(';^s_;', 'b_', $k)])<br />
						&& $b != $k )<br />
						$cart['user_data'][$k] = $cart['user_data'][$b];<br />
				}<br />
			}<br />
			break;			<br />
	}<br />
}<br />
return array(CONTROLLER_STATUS_OK);<br />
?><br />

```<br />
[b]should[/b] accomplish what you want but could confuse users if they notice the shipping address being changed underneath them.