How do you talk to the code monkeys?

I’m trying to fix some bugs in cscart, but I’m not sure how to reach the right people who could answer my questions. Is there a developer mailing list or forum?

I’d like more documentation on the $cart variable, and specifically on the structure of the $cart[‘shipping’] array and whether that array is used to flag which shipping option was selected by the user in fn_calculate_cart_content.

I’m finding the code difficult to follow and poorly documented.

I have a tax and shipping bug with Google Checkout. Looking at the cs-cart code in google_checkout_response.php I don’t understand how it could possibly work. Perhaps Google has changed their API since the code was written.

Does anyone have a working store that uses real-time shipping successfully with Google Checkout? If so, what version of cs-cart are you using? 1.3.5sp1 looks broken to me.



The bug tracker tells you to contact support and they will provide you with the code fix. Please do so through

[quote name=‘ETInteractive’]The bug tracker tells you to contact support and they will provide you with the code fix. Please do so through[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the note about the help desk. My experience has been that they are very helpful and well intentioned, but they haven’t been able to fix some of the bugs I’ve discovered. Recently, they’ve been introducing more bugs than they are fixing. I will continue to work through my tickets with them, but I think it would be more efficient if I could get on a developer list and talk to the people who are actually writing the code.

We’ve set up a staging server so we can test out patches before applying them to my production server. I jumped the gun a little bit switching over my online store to cs-cart before ironing out all the bugs. My initial tests looked good, but as I’ve been processing actual orders from customers I’ve discovered bugs relating to taxes and real time shipping. We are using PayPal Pro and Google Checkout.

In particular, I’ve noticed several problems with the cs-cart code as it relates to Google APIs. Among the problems are

  1. missing items for Google Base
  2. no default tax rate set for Google Checkout
  3. bugs in processing Google Checkout new order notifications

    I think I’m going to be able to fix all these bugs, but it is hard to understand the code without better documentation and comments. So I really would like to talk with the people who are writing it to find out what they were thinking. It looks like cs-cart hasn’t used any of the reference PHP code that Google publishes.

    Also, I have some serious concerns about the way cs-cart charges credit cards immediately without giving us a chance to review the order. The Google Checkout API allows you to review orders before charging the customer, but cs-cart just goes ahead and charges the customer immediately whether or not we have the product in stock. For back-order support, we are going to have to do some pretty heavy-duty mods.

    Maybe what I need to do is get in touch with other modders. Is there a group of people who are creating mods for cs-cart 1.3.5? If so, is there a mailing list or forum or IRC channel or something?

    Sorry to take up room on this forum.



The only communication I know of is through the helpdesk. There is no forum, listserv, irc or anything else…that I am aware of.