how do you "ship" an order in cscart?

If i am viewing an order is there anyway to “ship” it. In other carts i have options to enter a tracking number or even ship directly from the order. Is this possible within cscart or is there an add on for this?

You can enter tracking and carrier information when viewing the order (on the right-hand side of the page). You should also set the order status to “Completed”.


I’m having trouble locating where to put this information too. Do you have a screenshot of what it is supposed to look like?

Am i supposed to set up a tracking code before i can have a field for the tracking information??

Your help is much appreciated,


You should be able to enter your shipping information on the Orders->View Orders (the area outlined in red):


Do you have shipping enabled?


Thanks for replying jobosales!

Yes, I have enable UPS and USPS clicked. I haven’t been able to have the shipping methods worked yet. Maybe that could be the problem why the box is now showing up yet?

What jobosales says is correct. Also, I have changed all the wording for “Completed” to “Shipped” since this has more meaning for my customers.

I used to have a lot of customers asking about the status of their package until I changed the language of “completed” to “shipped”.