How do you recieve and process orders?

Until recently, i used a simple form based html cart hosted on another server. Basically when a customer placed an order on my site, the shopping cart would email me the order. I would then print two copies of that order out as well as make shipping labels. Once done, i hand those off to the proper people who box up the orders and ship them out.

With CS-Cart i see that i’m presented with a bunch of new ways handle taking and processing orders. What i was curious to know is how you process orders in your stores/businesses? Searching through the forums, i found that baballuci created a custom admin-only invoice that he uses on custom label paper. This is a great idea that i may impliment myself.

So basically… how do you handle orders once the customer has placed the order. Do you have some way of automating things such as printing out orders or do you manually print them out. How do you do shipping labels? Etc.


P.S. Is there any external software that i could use to handle printing invoices for orders from cs-cart? :slight_smile:

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If you look at your orders in the admin area - you have all the details of the order - product informaiton, shipping, taxes, billing and shipping information.

From that you can print the invoice for your accounting needs, or you can also use the export feature in the admin area of the cart to do other things with the details of that record - the export will allow you to export the fields for example for the shipping information only - output it to Excel format and then open Excel and create your shipping label - there are really many options here -and its just a matter of preference i suspect. But i think between those 2 areas you should be able to accomplish most everything you need.

good luck

Ah. Well i know how to do it, i was more or less wondering how people in this forum do it. lol.

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I must have a blind spot - where would I export the order.

[quote name=‘Page’]I must have a blind spot - where would I export the order.[/QUOTE]


You have to choose it from the options at the top of the page.

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