How do you print your customer dispatch address

I usually just print out the dispatch not and stock it on with one of the those clear envelopes but now and going to start to send small goods and am afraid that someone might rip it off.

Is CS Cart compatible with like Dymno Label printers? That would be a hot feauture otherwise I might just have to write the address by hand on the parcel but thats not being cleaver.

ANy ideas?


I found this, [url][/url]

Any other developers or cs cart add on devs got this?


These guys are exceptionally good at what they do and utilize the “Addons” functionality within CS-Cart.

Check them out: [url][/url]

Lol - I just thought about it… maybe no need for a mod…

…all I have to do is highlight the address text and then print selected using the dymno printer

I got not labels left so will have to order some and I think that should do the trick…