How Do You Keep Your Homepage 'on Sale' Block Fresh?

The 'On Sale' block always shows the products with the most discount. If you have products in clearance then chances are that this block will always show the same old products.

Has anyone found a way to keep the content of this block fresh? i.e. have some variation in what this block shows.

We have bi-monthly promotions. But unless the discount is larger than the clearance products, the monthly promotions will not show on the homepage block. It's possible to use a manual filling of the block, but then it will not show clearance items.

The code modification is required if you want to discounted products to be included in this block. By default, if a discount is raised by promotion, it will not be included in this block, even if this discount is larger than the base one. The 'base' discount is the difference between price and list price of the product.