How Do You Hide Products From Category Page

Hi guys,

I would like to know how to hide the list of products from the category page. For example I only want the sub-categories to be visible as text links and some and having some useful content rather than opening up the main category page and having a list of product taking up most of the page. these products can still be seen once the sub-category link is activated. Please see sample.

Thanking you in advance.

You can uncheck Catalog: 'Show products from subcategories of the selected category' under Settings: General.

thanks that worked beautifully. Now after i have added some html content into the category page how do i prevent the sub-category links from moving to the bottom below the content? I would like the content to be sitting below the sub-categories as per the image.


Please edit the following file or use the categories:view hook to override it


You can find two section there

Category description:

{if $category_data.description || $runtime.customization_mode.live_editor}


{if $subcategories}

Thanks for the tip. I also tried creating a html block in the categories which worked well too. Cheers