How Do You Handle Shipping Address?

Customer of mine placed order. Order was sent, now he tells according to tracking it is delivered but he said he never received anything.

In order details page address is '151' in paypal shipping address '121'. Now customer refuse to admit he made a typing mistake, he blame if system changed address, but that is not right. PayPal address override is disabled.

1) does anyone compare if paypal & store address match? I do not require paypal & store address to match, most of times orders are send as gifts to other countries..

2) what would happen if person sends a gift to neighbor (types address in checkout) and paypal addon overwrites shipping address with one in paypal account?

Would appreciate some input on how do you handle this.

For me personally, I will only ship to the confirmed address.. Whether that be PayPal or the AVS match. If paypal address doesn't match the one they used in the order, I'll email them to let them know my policy to make sure it's ok. 9/10 they say its ok. I've been burned by chargebacks in the past which is why I'm so strict about it. The first thing paypal or any other merchant bank will do is ask if you sent it to the confirmed address.. if you say no, you'll lose. That's from my experiences.

cs-cart has a big flaw regarding confirming shipping address, if you are signed in returning customer, in checkout you straight away jump in to step 3 shipping options, instead of 2 where you review delivery address.. At least there could be option in checkout settings to define default functionality (first step shown).

I guess if business relates entirely on paypal, default account registration can be eliminated, only social login with regular paypal or only express checkout.