How Do You Handle Multiple Store Fronts?

Ok so I am using for a while to this day was closed. Now I decided to open it and I am dealing with some problems.

You could think that those store fronts are not related but they are..

For example I am using modern theme with my own less stylesheet that overrides styling, also using my_changes to override some tpl files.

So my_changes overrides for /respondsive/ theme also overrides for brigtness new theme..

Did I had to clone default respondsive modern theme before making edits for domainA ?

Also I do not like that addons are shared among stores..

OK say I will restore respondsive theme to original state, make two clones



after installing addons they put something like


and result will be shown to



but I want this result to be shown only on storeAtheme

if I remove this


and will add it to


will addon work ?

If the responsive theme is parent theme for storeAtheme, your solution will work in 4.4.x

Correct me if i am wrong. Does the cloned theme work as my_changes addon? Meaning if same path and name tpl file exists it will override same name and path file for parent theme ?

Check the manifest.json file in the cloned theme. If the parent theme is the initial theme, the answer is Yes.

Many custom themes I've encountered recently (including Bright Theme) no longer install addons automatically. Instead, either the addon needs to handle it or the merchant needs to copy the various addon directories from the themes_repository..

In general, themes are updated when an addon is installed (or when a theme is installed). But this seems to have changed recently to be "only themes based on responsive" are updated.

Maybe they need to go back to the "base" respository for distributing addons like in V2. And have a new element in the manifest for a theme as to whether addons should install or not. Then if a merchant chooses a theme where they don't allow addons, then they can get support from the theme developer rather than addon developers having to chase down the various themes and explain to the merchant about the restrictions of the theme they've chosen.