How Do You Get Rid Of Temp Files ?

Just scored a 'disk quota almost reached' warning from my web host.

There appear to be a gazillion image temp files for old listings.

How is this tidied up ?

I have about 500 pages of log files.

Could these be requiring images for reference and will deleting

all the log files be a solution ?

Putting ?cc or &cc at the end of your URL shoud clear the cache.

It is ?ct or &ct to clear all thumbnails and regenerate them. (if there's not GET variables already it's ?ct and if there is it's &ct)

Closing the store and then opening it again also seems to clean up a lot of stuff including cache that doesn't always clear with ?cc/&cc.

Mostly likely your biggest savings will come at least if it's a cpanel server from getting rid of some of the analytics.

Other option is just pay for more disk space.

You might also see what backups you got running.

Thanks heaps for trying to help Atrix but I am a total

computer noob.

Apparently it's a whole heap of temp image files.

I think they just accumulate even when we delete the product files.

We sell one off items but there is no way the photos for 700

current items can take up this much space.

I can go in and manually delete any image files with 'temp'

but I don't want to break anything.


I don't know what version of cscart you're using but in cscart 3 most the images are in images/detailed and images/thumbnails and there's lots of sub directories.

You can log into your backend and close and open the storeā€¦ though I doubt it'll solve your problem since it doesn't sound like cscart files to me (at least if you're using 3).

If your server is on Unix it would be possible to delete the files with temp with a small script. Anyway, I don't know much about your installation. But if you do log into the backend then you could try the URL stuff I said above.

For example if after you log into the backend you are at change that to and then hit enter to go to that URL.

Then go to

Both will probably take a while to run/load.

I don't think it'll fix your problem though from the sounds of the file names and what I know about CS Cart 3 but you're welcome to try. If the files really aren't necessary you'd need to either delete them manually or with a script.

Did both ?cc & ?ct and the Images folder size dropped 300 meg. Better than zip.

Glad it helped. You might see alot of that space used again though if the thumbnails don't all regenerate at the time of the call but instead when they are viewed.