How do you center the top menu

I am using the aquarelle red template in CS-Cart 2.0 (latest version) and I am trying to get the top menu to center and cannot get it to work. Have tried numerous ways.

Any ideas out there on what to do?

I’m sure you’ve played with styles.css line 449. Especially the padding.

#top_menu {

padding: 20px 197px 0px 197px;

text-align: center;

clear: none;

margin-bottom: -3px;

or dropdown.css line 72

/* For RTL orientation*/

ul.dropdown-vertical-rtl, ul.dropdown-vertical-rtl ul.dropdown-vertical-rtl, #top_menu ul ul ul.dropdown-vertical-rtl, #top_menu ul.dropdown-vertical-rtl ul.dropdown-vertical-rtl {

left: auto !important;

right: 100%;


Just guessing here because I use default blue.

I could not get it to center but was able to add some padding to the left to get it to move to the right so it would look better.

It was on styles.css line 487

#top_menu {

background-color: transparent;

border-top: 0px none;

padding-left: 24px;

Have you try firefox addon “Firebug” ?

That is what I used to figure the padding addition. Just could not get it to center

in your styles.base.css uncomment the section ‘fixed width settings’ and then comment out the section ‘100% width settings’ this will center you…