How do you add Javascript to a product description?

We sell music CDs and I have a function that loads AJAX from our website.

But the Javascript is no longer working.

I have tried adding javacript in a custom HTML block and directly posting the javascript into the product description but this doesn’t work.

What can I do to get javacript working on an individual product page?

For reference here is some sample code:

Can someone please respond?

I need to know how to allow javascript in the product description.

Thank you.

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What error are you getting. Template processing is not done on description fields or html bocks. That is “content” and is not processed by smarty.

When you add script to your product page description, what does a “view source” show? Also, to test you can always add an: alert(“Got Here”); inside your script tags. Would help if you described exactly what you are seeing, not just that it isn’t working. Also, check your browser’s error console to see if you have an JS errors.