How do people sync online stock with bricks and mortar.

Hi guys,

I am doing a POC for a customer at the moment and have everything ready in terms of the page to be able to present to them.

But what are some methods that people are using to sync stock levels from physical shop to the online shop.

Say the store has 1 pizza cutter left and it gets sold in the store. How can this by synced to cs-cart so that there is not one still available online for someone to buy.

At the moment i have no idea what the physical POS is or what database back end i just wanted to start gathering information that i can use to explain to the customer how it would work. Would some type of database connector be required. Has anyone in the community ever done anything like that before?

This for me is probably my biggest obstacle in approaching a lot of bricks and mortar stores that dont currently have an online presence.

What accounting program does your customer use?

Check [url=“”][/url] or for a simpler and cheaper solution: [url=“”][/url] has simple inventory management and does accounting.

Unleashed also is a great inventory application. When cs-cart gets it's api syncing shouldn't be much of a problem, and unleashed already integrates with many other apps like Xero and Vend (pos)