How do I set front-end search engines?

In the 2.x front end . . .

  1. How do I keep the bottom search text field from showing up?
  2. And how do I keep the category drop down box from displaying (I’d rahter always search all categories)?


For bottom search, comment out the the search box in /skins/YOURSKIN/customer/bottom.tpl:

```php [COLOR=“Red”]{*[/COLOR]

{include file=“common_templates/search.tpl” hide_advanced_search=true}

[COLOR="Red"]*}[/COLOR] ```

I'll look at the top search when I get a chance.


I thought there was a setting for this in the admin section? It would make sense to have this in a design block that can be turned off or on. So much for making easy design edits in 2.x.