How do I remove Product Details Page Tabs


I wish to remove the “Description” tab from the Product Details Page Tabs.

How do I do this?


Hello, jmccann

In order to implement it, you should remove a description for the necessary products, so the “Description” tab will not be displayed on the details page of these products on the storefront.

Product Desription cannot be renoved. It still needs to be present to allow the product to be described to the shopper, otherwise how do you describe it?

I am displaying the Product Description in the main Product Display box along with Item price, which is a more logical place for it, and simply wish to remove the second duplicated “Product Dsecription” from appearing as a Tab

Hello, jmccann

In this case you should rename the “description.tpl” file located in the “skins/NAME_OF_YOUR_SKIN/customer/blocks/product_tabs” directory of your CS-Cart installation to description.tpl.bak.