How do i put a few items on sale ?

I have my cart setup with my supplier to Update my prices 2 times a day …

However i would like to place a handfull of products on sale cheaper

than than our Supplier Updates our prices to …

If i just change the price It gets overwriten with updates.

Are there Not a Simple Way to Have a BLock in the center that is just sale items.

and be able to setup the sale prices for those items and a expire date.

Two questions:

  1. did you ever get an answer to this question?

  2. How do you set up automatic price updates from your suppliers?

i know if you go into the product and the price is different from the “Price” tab and the “List Price” the product will show a sale percent discount on the live store and will show how much percent difference it is. Just put the the original price in the price tab and the sale price in the list price. i think that should do it