how do I pass product price to controller

Hi all I have a file called addon/my_addon/controller/customer/products.pre.php containing

from the products page I would like to retrieve the product price to this page so i can process it.

if ($mode == 'view') {
$the_price = $view->get_var('???????');
$view->assign('the_price', $the_price);


can some one point me in the right direction pls.


I think that for what you want to do you want to use This is called AFTER the system has retrieved data and processed the parameters. In this you would:

$product = $view->get_var('product');
$product['price'] = my_price_modification_function();
$view->assign('product', $product);

A PRE controller is generally used when you need to process your own parameters and/or modify those that are coming INTO the controller BEFORE the system processes the request.

Awesome tbirnseth…

After some testing I got it to work thanks for the pointer…

starting to understand controllers…


Merry Xmas all…

hmm question can´t quick view use same controller as product page ?

No idea what you're asking…

I have added a block to product page that takes the price of the product and processes it in customer/ and returns the result fine, but when you click on quick view on products listing page the block appears in quick view but don't seem to process the price…


Different 'views' request different data from the database. Are you sure whatever view you are looking at has the original price info for you to manipulate?