How do I manage skin revisions?

As I’ve worked with cs-cart 2.0 for the past 8 months I have been frustrated that I can’t create versions of standard skins and manage them effectively.

I am also disappointed that I can’t upgrade an installed (but not active) skin to the current version without copying files around and I can’t compare the differences until after I have upgraded.

So after some thought, a bit of head scratching and much more work than I originally planned EZ Merchant Solutions has come up with a solution.

Do ever want to do one of the following?

  • Change your skin to a different theme for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day or the 4th of July?
  • Want to do custom work for yourself or a client and be able to view your changes without impacting your current storefront?
  • Be able to upgrade non-active skins on your system?
  • Archive unused or out of date skins for possible use later.
  • Install new upgrades to an inactive skin and then integrate the new changes without your store being closed?

    Well, if like me and these are things you want the flexibility to do then we have a solution for you.

    EZ Merchant Solutions has developed a Skin Revisions addon that allows you to do all of the above and much more. Combined with our free Local Configuration addon you now have control of your cart whether you are doing development for others or simply want to work on another theme without impacting your current customers.

    A PDF Users Guide can be obtained here..

    A 30-day free trial is available herel.

    As a special for early users, we are offering a 50% discount if the addon is purchased by 9/15/09. Use coupon code rev_mgr_early as a coupon code during checkout. The licensed version is located here.

    When using the trial version you will get a red error message indicating you have an invalid license along with the number of days remaining in your trial period. The license is checked approximately every 3 days. After the trial period the addon will be disabled if not licensed.

    We think this addon is a great extension for those wanting to manage their skins and hope you enjoy using it. It should be compatible with any 2.0 version of cs-cart.

    One final note: This (and several of our other addons) are included at no additional charge for our hosted cart solutions. In addition, we provide a real order management system as the back-end for our hosted solutions. You can have a complete solution for one monthly charge. Visit EZ Merchant Solutions for more information. Or feel free to contact us at any time.