How Do I Make Just One Customer Special ?

I have created user groups and enabled one of the groups

but it has shown up as 'enabled' in every customer record.

I can, of course, individually edit each customers file and disable it

but there has to be an easier way.

I wish to allow just one special customer pay by Bank Transfer

while all others must use PayPal.

It appears that if you don't establish user groups at the very beginning then allocating

customers to particular groups will become a long and arduous manual process.

If i understand correctly,

Make a usergroup for only to pay with bank transfer.

Now you can make an extra payment methode by bank transfer and only select there the usergroup who can only pay whit that methode.

After that is done you assign that client(s) to that usergroup, you can try in the right sidebox select the advanced search and you have different options from that group also.

Hope this is what you asking for and helped you further.


Thanks Anaconda.

I tried creating a new user group but as far as I could make out, I had to manually 'deselect' it

on each and every customer file except the special ones. Besides when I enabled it every single

customer Name became 'user_xxx' ( xxx being a variable number ) and customers were unable to log in.

I changed general settings and selected 'User e-mail is used as login' and all was good again.

When a have a quiet period I will tinker again.

ok, you want to do a mass movement, is that correct?

I think the easiest way is exporting clients to cvs with the import export tool.

Open cvs with excell and there delete clients for normal payments and leave clients for the bank payment.

You will also need to change the usergroup ID to the group from the bank payment.

save and import the clients cvs.

Its quicly done if you understand ecxell.