How do I install on a WAMP server?

I am so frustrated right now. I’m trying to setup a development copy on my desktop. I’ve installed WAMP. Now what?

Do I need to create an SQL database? How? Do I need other software? I cannot find instructions for this anywhere and it seems that CS-Cart won’t install unless I do this. Tech support did a paid install on my website.

Thanks in advance.

Is WAMP running? If so, you should see this:

If you see any color, then it’s running, but not working. Click it and click Start All Services.

If WAMP is running and working, then follow [URL]http://localhost/store_path/install.php[/URL]

The install.php file can take care of installing the database for you. It will also help you setup the rest of the settings easily.

After you have done that, then [URL]http://localhost/store_path/index.php[/URL] should work.

One thing that might help is taking a look at the manual in the help desk. The manual is called cscart_install_on_local_pc.pdf and it is located in the file area of your help desk.

If you are having a problem downloading it directly from CS-Cart you can also download it from:


By the way this is for Xampp, but I would imagine most of it will still be close or at least close enough to get by.


Try this: