How Do I Hide Price & Stock For Products In A Category?

For SEO purposes we keep product pages for products that we have stopped selling.

We then move the product to category 94.

To make this less confusing for customers I would like to hide price & stock for products in this category.

I would also show a text on the product page: 'We no longer sell this product'.

How do I do this?

I see several methods:

1. Make the product price equal to 0 and change Zero price action to "Do not allow customers to add the product to cart". You can copy Price to List price if you want the price to be saved somewhere. Change language variables from "Contact us for a price" to "We no longer sell this product" if you wish.

2. More advanced method. Copy your product template to the new one and modify it as you need (your_theme/templates/blocks/product_templates). Go to the tab Views in you category and switch to the new template you just create in "Product details view" field.