How do I get my old version back? Please help

I am trying to install the current version CS Cart. There is some sort of bug on the installation screen. It is not allowing me to go forward. I would just like to restore the previous version I was on and get my site back to normal. What do I have to do. Do I go back and delete all of the files I uploaded via FTP? I am lost. We need our store back up asap.

before you started the install you would have backed up all the previous files from the old version and the database. If so you can delete all new files, upload all old files and restore the old database and you should be fine


ok. i have a backup called parts5_NewCS.sql.gz. I am using Filezilla. What do I have to do to upload this? What directory do I upload it to? Thank you!

that is your database backup, you can restore that after you upload all the old files…you do have all the old files dont you? if not you could ask your host to re install a full back up of before you did anything.


host isnt answering the phone. its a private host unfortunately. if i just re-install the previous version (3.0.6), will that help? could i just restore the database backup after installing that again?

if i could get through installing 4.0.3, i wouldnt need the backup files though right? it seems like its timing out at “setup languages”. i dont understand why.

I have learned my lesson over the years and its true,backup,backup and backup and I keep a full version of all the files on server on my desktop just in case.

Yeah, make back up right now, don't wait until hosting provider will disappear, that sometimes still happens, cloud storage will help a little ) see signature