How do I get Google to stop showing "The powerful shopping cart..." description?


I have changed the meta description, meta keywords, page title and header in the site layout section, but when I search google for my site, the description still shows,

“The powerful shopping cart software for web stores and e-commerce enabled webstores is based on PHP / PHP5 with MySQL database with highly configurable …”

Is this an issue with Google search and/or do I need to change something in CS Cart? Please help, my site needs to be up soon and I am embarrassed by how unprofessional it looks with the CS cart description still there.


sounds like google has indexed the page as it was up before you went fully live.It will get round to changing but the question is time??

Try submitting your site manually to google, see google help submitting your site.


Signup for google analytics and submit your site. Additionally, upload the robots.txt to your website and the next time your site is indexed, it should reflect the updated metas in google search.

Thanks for helping me! I did what you instructed; hopefully it is updated shortly. Thanks again.