How do I export a tax report?

Here’s what I’m trying to do. We collect taxes for purchases made by in-state customers via our website and instore. For our brick and mortar store, we use a separate POS system. Every quarter, I run a report through my store POS to determine how much state tax we collected so I can tell the owner how much tax we owe.

I’ve read through as many threads as I can find about taxes for CS-Cart and they all seem to be about getting the tax configured right. That’s not my problem. It’s configured right. My problem is being able to create a report I can export.

The best I could find so far was a thread on how to create and run a sales report under the “Orders” section of the cart - which I did. However, there is no option to export the sales report. I would have to type in each order’s tax collected into a spreadsheet manually to calculate it based on what the table shows after running the report.

I’ve tried the “Export data” options in the Administration section but the files I get from that show total and subtotal without providing the tax as a specific field. The result with this method is that I would have to export as a csv file to a spreadsheet and then create a formula for subtracting the subtotal from teh total and then adding those up.

There has to be a simpler way than this. Can anyone help me here?


In Orders > Sales reports, can’t you edit “Value to display:” to show taxes?

Yes you can - but it doesn’t give you totals. It just lists each order as a line item with how much tax was paid on each. This type of report, as far as I know, is not exportable. Thus, the best that can be done is to run the report and then manually enter all of those individual taxes in to a spreadsheet (or use a calculator) in order to generate a total. This is about one step up from just going into each order in the order history, looking at the tax, and then entering each order’s tax manually into a spreadsheet to get the same result. This will get very laborious very quickly - and I’m trying to find a way to easily export something more useful.

You can’t copy and paste from the table into Excel?

Well I had assumed I couldn’t because of the graphic tables being there. It “kinda” works - at least enough to make it less labor intensive. Thanks for the suggestion.

I might add this to the suggestions section.