How do I eliminate the Stock Quantity on my Categories Page?

Each of my products has several size options. If a size is unavailable, the customer see that the size is unavailable when they try to pick that size. But I usually have a large supply so I don’t want Qty 1 to be the only thing they see when they are looking at all the products in a particular category. I would rather it not say anything about stock quantity until they make their choice. Thanks for your help

site is > in my Custom Cork Boards Department

Disble inventory tracking in admin/settings.


Thanks John for your reply.

We have the old version; I think it is 1.3.5. I found the track inventory and unchecked it and updated. However nothing changed. Then I wondered, even if it works, will it also eliminate the Stock Qty on my other two Categories: Decorative Push Pins and Clearance where there are no options? Thanks again Diana

Sorry, not sure, in 2.1.3 each product has its own option to track or not on an individual basis



Thanks so much for your help.