How Do I Edit "brands" ? Add My Own...?

I am trying to remove the Brands that initially come preset and add my own list of Brands on the same page. However I don’t see how to edit them. The only place Ive found them listed is inside the Features section but when I change one of them to my own Brand it doesn’t show up on the main site.

Any help you can provide will be appreciated.



After creating product filter brand. Go to Features and create the feature brand. Then go into settings of “brand” and create variants where you can add/delete brand photos and descriptions.

After you have done this be sure to go to Administration —> Storage —> Clear Cache

The link to the brand display on your website is this


Hey Troy

I have done this just barely and for some reason my brands aren't showing up on the 'Our Brands' page. I cleared the cache as well, are there any other steps I am missing?

It's probably because the link is bad. Check the link in the layout. The problem with mine was the filter number. The website had a filter ID of 10 when I got it and I changed it to 1 and it worked for me.