How do I Display Blocks Side-By-Side

Hey guys.

Just trying to make blocks sit next to each other inside a grid.

Currently if i add 2 or more blocks to a grid, they sit under each other.

How do i achieve this?



I'm thinking this is not possible, or it's complicated given there is no response so far?

If you post an example (URL) we may be able to assist you with it.

Generally speaking you will need to apply CSS in this instance but it will depend on the grid size in question

One way: The grid has 16 available sections. Create a 16 grid. Add two 8 grids to the 16. Put a block in each. That gives you two side by side. Of course, other combinations are possible.

I did the grid inside grid trick. Works ok. Just thought that it would have been easier, given the default setup on a cs3.0 is having 4 small blocks across the top.

I then create another grid at 16 and try drag those exact same blocks into it, and they go full width.

Thought there must be a trick.

jason, did you figure this out?


click the options cog on the grid and select align left or align right, make sure your blocks are set to say 4 etc etc