How do I disable "Free Shipping"

Hello all,

for some reason today I noticed that everything in my store now has “Free Shipping?” I have done all of the following;

  1. Confirmed on all “product pages” that the “free shipping” box is disabled
  2. Double checked my various “shipping methods” using Fedex, all options are enabled and are working, even confirmed this using the test within the “shipping method” using realtime, works perfectly with my Fedex shipping method.
  3. Checked to see if my “locations” are enable under the “shipping settings” tab, they are enabled.
  4. On the “Shipping Settings” tab, “disable shipping” is deselected and Fedex is active as I want it.
  5. Ensured the “test mode” was disabled under the Fedex “shipping settings”.

    Is there anything else that I may be overlooking that is globally enabling “free shipping” on all my products? This was working perfectly fine a few days ago?

    thanks for your help!

Never mind, I found it. Under the “extra” feature on the product page, I had “Enable shipping for downloadable products” disabled. :o