How do I create a Blog on my CS Cart website?

I have a website using CS Cart. I want to start a Blog. How do I do it? I need very specific instructions, i.e., how do I get it listed on my Information box on my navigation column. Thanks Diana

You can install a blog in a subdirectory of your CS-Cart installation like and link to it from CS-Cart (e.g. make a link in the “Quick links” section or “Top menu”).

Thanks for the reply, it looks like we better have someone do it for us. Thanks :confused:

Wordpress, try that as your blog, we have two blogs on the backend of our sites, they take 20 minutes tops to set up, then find a decent blog theme to start with and adapt to look like your site if need be,

Hope that helps.

Plus, for the record I’m no coder!

Thanks, will try.

I’ve done this several times for clients using Wordpress. The trick is making it look like the original site. You can also have your blog appear as an iframe within a CA-Cart page. It works very nicely.

Is it not true that iframe is looked down upon by web developers and HTML 5 no longer has it?

So is there a way to insert a RSS Feed with the news feature on the CS-Cart?