How do I change the meta data on these pages from my stats?

I found these in my statistics & want to know how I find these pages & change their meta data to remove the cs-cart verbage?


Contenidos del carrito - Shopping Cart Software & Ecommerce Software Solutions by CS-Cart


Shopping Cart Software & Ecommerce Software Solutions by CS-Cart

Read the Knowledgebase [url=“CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation”]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

Thanks for the article, however I already did that step when I first upgraded to this version of CS-cart. Apparently that change doesn't affect the pages I noted from my stats.

I never got an answer to this question & it's still occurring. See attached image copied from my stats. I have changed everywhere possible that I've been told about via the manual, knowledge base, etc.


Maybe try going to Admin > Administration menu > Languages - do a search on “software” for example, and see if its still in use as a language variable?

That was a good idea - I searched for software & CS-Cart & they brought up some results but nothing such as the meta tags appearing in my sats.

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Read the Knowledgebase [url=“CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation”]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation


Did you use this technique on the Cart & Checkout tabs? Select those tabs & click on their gear icons?

Cuz, that's where the meta tags are for those pages.

You should look at each and every one anyway - so you can at least apply a title to the page.

I have yes. But that site statistic isn't from a checkout page, they visited my home page & one of my content pages. The home page stat is the one showing the cs-cart lingo. I have changed the meta data on the home page tab as well, when I first upgraded to this version.

Now some of those tabs (i.e. Gift Registry, etc.) have blank meta data fields. Those would just use MY default right? Not something CS-Cart put in for themselves somewhere? But it still doesn't explain these meta showing up for my home page. This is very disconcerting as it can clearly affect my SERP.

If you have access to phpMyAdmin or some other database software in a cPanel or something, you can check this database table to see if it's assigned to one of your block locations:


[sql]SELECT * FROM cscart_bm_locations_descriptions

WHERE meta_description LIKE '%CS-Cart%'[/sql]

Or this database table to see if it's assigned to one of your pages:


[sql]SELECT * FROM cscart_page_descriptions

WHERE meta_description LIKE '%CS-Cart%'[/sql]

You might even want to see if it's assigned to a product by searching this database table:


[sql]SELECT * FROM cscart_product_descriptions

WHERE meta_description LIKE '%CS-Cart%'[/sql]

If it's not in one of the meta_description fields, and it's not in the language data, then it's probably written right into a template or php.

To find specific values/words in the CS-Cart files, I search a downloaded/local copy of the store with an editor that will “Find In Files” and search thru all sub-directories. I use EditPlus - the trial version - for that.

I found 'em!!! They're the pages in languages other than English that have that in them! Are they safe to delete?

Shouldn't our entered data also change the different languages? PLUS the hits in my stats are visiting the English pages so I'm not sure why they're showing up there still.


Do you use the languages that are Language Code BG and DA?

If you don't actually use those languages, just delete the entire language in Administration. That will remove all the records from the table. Make certain that EN is default first.

I removed all unused/untranslated languages to speed up the content delivery. I only use English now.

I wouldn't recommend deleting the entire row manually from the database table (if you use the language) - but you could safely delete the contents of the individual columns in the row, or enter a new translation.

That's why the other languages DON'T update when you change the English one - you don't want it to overwrite your Bulgarian or Danish translations with English.

Ok great info thanks! So if I just delete the what's in the cells, what automatically goes in?


You are required to enter the translations yourself for additional languages, or install a language pack.

You are basically setting the value of the field to an empty string. Like ''.

Ok I gotcha. Thanks again. As you can see I originally posted this 7 months ago & it's been bothering me all this time. You solved it!

My pleasure.