How do I change the content on the check out pages?

This should be so simple, but I swear i have looked and looked in the forums, knowledge base, and all over in admin. I simply want to change the content on some of the checkout pages. The main issue is that the phone number (a fake one) is showing up on the final order confirmation page. I have set the company phone number in the admin settings/general and also in Settings/company.

Where else could this default phone number be stored?

I looked in languages too but there are 400plus pages and I can not find it.



I found it here:

How do I edit checkout page - General Questions - CS-Cart Community Forums

I suspected that the change was in the language section, but with 400 pages of “languages”, its difficult to find the ones you are looking for. I used Firebug in FF to finally figure out the language to search for …too bad there is not some simple reference guide or way to index the languages section so its easier to find the things you want changed.