How do I change the "Action from "Refund" to "Replace" when customer file an RMA?

How do I change the “Action” from “Refund” to “Replace” when customer file an RMA request. Thanks!

There is no way to change one action for another directly within CS-Cart.

If you want to limit the possible action to “Replace item”, you can uncheck the “avail” checkbox, in Admin->Return Requests and then choose the “RMA actions” link at the top.


Well. Most of the time, people wants money back. However, we can only do replacement if claimed defective. That’s the time when we need to change “Refund” to “Replace”.

Is there a easy way to change directly in the database? Please advice.

I have not tested this thouroughly, but it appears that changing the database record might be fairly easy. Using phpMyAdmin (or another database tool), you can search _rma_returns table by either the return_id or order_id field and then change the action field from “2” (which appears to be a refund) to “1” (which appears to be replace item). Afterwards, you should be able to process the RMA in Admin->Return requests. Make sure you test everything afterward but I think this should work.


Thank you! I will do so. That’s the most affordable solution for the time being.