How do I: Associate an Affiliate with a Coupon Code?

I’ve tried searching for the answer to this in the forums, kb, and manual unsuccessfully.

I need to be able to offer a coupon that serves both as a discount to the customer and a commission to an affiliate.

Example, a customer emails their friends with a coupon code that give their friends a 30% discount on the purchase of a product and credits the referrer or affiliate with either a flat rate $ or % commission to be paid for the successful referral sale.

Can this be done?

What would I have to do?

i just wanted to give this a little bump…i have a ticket in on it too, but hoping someone has some ideas to share…

I put a trouble ticket in and apparently CS Cart can already do this…good news :slight_smile:

I would like to suggest to CS Cart that they consider improving the documentation on the affiliate system. Both the Knowledge Base and the User Manual are rather vague as to the features and functions of the affiliate system.

OK Great! CS-Cart can already do it but please share with your CS-Cart Community brothers and sisters - HOW?!? I’ve been struggling to figure this out for days!


yes please tell us what you learned.

Hi–I am also trying to figure out how this works–trying to implement a contest with a refer-a-friend feature (more referrals, the more entries you are allowed). Anyone have any suggestions?

[quote name=‘easywater’]yes please tell us what you learned.[/quote]

Seems to be death …:rolleyes:

I think he waited for a response after 3 posts and saw that no one would help and decided that he is not going to give it up now that he had to find it :slight_smile:


Yes the documentation and KB are not that detailed

Elmer’s posts pre-date 2.0 release. I’m guessing his findings were only relevant to 1.3.5.

Would love to see how this is done in 2.1.4