How do I add tracking codes?

I need to add a tracking code after the sale via an image like:

Can you tell me where I can put this so that it will load and populate the order_id and total variables?

This google thread should help:


Yes, I saw the other thread, but still can’t get it to work.

I have tried this

{* Customer info *}
{include file="profiles_pages/profiles_info.tpl" user_data=$order_info}
{* /Customer info *}


and this, but neither work.

```php {* Customer info }

{include file=“profiles_pages/profiles_info.tpl” user_data=$order_info}

/Customer info }

Tracking Code *}



{* /Tracking Code *}[/COLOR] ```

place it on Skins/xxx/customer/order_pages/placing_order.tpl or


on placing_order.tpl = it started to load when customer CLICK on PLACE ORDER.

on Order_Status.tpl = after the click on “Place Order” regardless whether

the order was successful or Failed it will go back to Order_status.tpl

i hope this help